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Step by step guide to our digital resources

To start using our digital resources you will need:

A tablet, a phone or a computer.

You have two options to use our resources. One is to download straight to your files and the other is through a note taking app.

We would recommend using Goodnotes5 on apple.

To use our resources in the goodnotes 5 app you will need an ipad and the goodnotes 5 app. The goodnotes 5 app does cost a one off payment of £7.99

to be able to write and draw you might benefit from an apple pencil or stylus.

You then need to download our resources.

Our "Digital resources" can be saved to files and filled in on any device.

Our "GN5 (goodnotes 5) resources" can be downloaded. Click the 3 dots in the top corner and press "open with goodnotes 5"

All the tabs on the right hand side are linked tabs. Do not delete these tabs or the whole binder won't work.

To get from one section of the binder to the other tap the tabs and it should direct you to the section you want.

We really hope our binder gives you better communication with your team, declutters your mind and eases your journey with advocacy.

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