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Pre-op: tips on preparing for surgery

Updated: May 5, 2020

Once you've PACKED A HOSPITAL BAG and followed the steps on WHAT TO DO A WEEK BEFORE SURGERY then all that is left is to mentally and emotionally prepare for surgery which can be tough.

Your child's hospital should call the week before and give a pre op assessment over the phone. They then should give you instructions on what to do. All surgeries usually have a GA (general anaesthetic), which will mean your child will have to be NBM (Nil by mouth) from the night before. Nil by mouth is when you can't eat or drink. Whether you will stay in hospital the night before really depends on the surgery and what the surgeon advises. But usually you call the day before surgery, see if there is a bed. Go into hospital around midday, have a pre operative blood screening including something called a group and save. This test finds out what blood type your child is for emergencies. You child will have a general MOT with the consultants and surgeons. They will assess your child's heart and lungs and you will probably have a chat with the anaesthetist and be asked to sign a disclaimer. This disclaimer is vitally important, it will be what seems to be your worst nightmares being discussed as every anaesthetic is a high risk in itself, even with a healthy person. So the list of risks will be really hard to read and process. The main thing here is to ask questions and if you don't understand ask more questions. If the team are dismissive of your concerns then you need to ask to see the ward manager.

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