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Are you summer ready?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The first summer I had at home with Lydia was almost a complete disaster. I was NOT prepared in the slightest. See Lydia has a brain injury that she acquired from surgery and as result she cannot regulate her temperature and she’s prone to over heating. There are a number of products I could’ve bought in advance to give myself and the girls an easier start to the surprise heat waves that we have here in Wales. Every year we have a boiling climate and every year we’re some how surprised and completely not prepared. Well last year I said enough is enough and sorted my life out. I invested in a few things that make the hot weather bearable and they are currently in a storage box under her bed waiting to be used, I will never be without these things again.

Here are BEST things I’ve done to prepare for summer.

Download a weather app – This has been a game changer for us. Being properly prepared to what the day will look like has enabled us to carry less around and wear the appropriate clothing and my head feels a lot less cluttered. I don’t feel cooked or freezing I feel free or as free as you can feel with two kids.

HYDRATION – I say this in pretty much EVERY post I’ve ever written but hydration is KEY to feeling well, switched on and less brain foggy. In a heat wave it’s essential especially for a child with complex needs. It affects kidney and renal function, brain function and can help with sickness and retching which is common in a heat wave. I always buy funky and big cups with lids on, for whatever reason it encourages me to drink more. CLICK HERE for a selection of nice cups.

Cover up from the sun – whether that be these umbrellas or sun screen.

Water Spray Fans – I would not be without these ever. They are so handy. Both of my girls love theirs. We have the unicorn one and the dragon one.

Clip on fanI ALWAYS get asked where I got these from.

Cooling gel mat MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE PRODUCT. It’s so versatile. I can take it pretty much everywhere, line the base of the buggy, lay it over her lap, roll it up under her legs. Lydia and Caitlin have one each and they even sleep on them. It stopped Lydia from feeling sick at night and retching. She was just so settled once I started using this that I wasn’t risking taking it away. Caitlin used it one afternoon and was in love with it and was happier to go to bed with something cooling, so win win! CLICK HERE to see the cooling gel mat.

Avoid middle of the day activities – this one is obvious.

Indoor fansanother game changer for obvious reasons.

Insulated bags for food and feed – I’ve recently adapted a wine cooler bag for Lydia’s feeding bag. Before that I used a frozen wine cooler bag inside her feeding backpack. Also check out @TubieeGo and their feeding backpacks. The last thing you want in heat wave is carrying around unnecessary bulky items.

Adapted summer wear and swim wear – your boiling hot, frustrated, sweating and tired and trying to get your child into something that has a knack to get on… NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Make your life easier. Start with @tubiekids adapted wear and check out these swim suits and nappies and swimming aids. We have Fairy wings for Lydia and I love them!

Cotton bed linen and cooler beddingagain obvious but necessary.

Radar Key – If you are out and about this summer then these keys will be really helpful especially if you are in need of a @Changing Places facilities. Most disability swings in parks need one of these magic keys too, what’s worse than not having adapted equipment? Getting to a park with adapted equipment and not being able to use it.

AND FINALLY enjoy your summer! Hopefully these tips will make the heat a bit more bearable… Have I missed anything?? Are there any tips you would use in this heat?? feel free to write in the comments, I’d love to hear from you

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