Chrysalis Care Bags

What's a Chrysalis care package I hear you say? A Chrysalis bag is giving Hope in a practical way whilst parents find themselves on a ward without any supplies. Any revenue made from this website will fund a Chrysalis care package, it was initially started by David and Bethan Germon from Swansea as their daughter was in and out of hospital a lot and they recognised how vital these were for other parents in similar situations. An individual pack is roughly £5 but a family pack for 2 parents and a child is £10

A women's Chrysalis care bag contains

A bar of soap, a pack of tissues, a tooth brush, toothpaste, flannel, a roll on deodorant, a comb, a nail file, hair clips and bobbles and sanitary products.


A men's Chrysalis care bag contains

A bar of soap, a pack of tissues, a tooth brush, toothpaste, flannel, a roll on deodorant, a comb and a razor.


Do you want to get involved in our Chrysalis care Project?

You can donate to our Local giving appeal.


We are extremely grateful for any donations from the public to our appeal. If we reach £1750, we will receive a match funding grant of £250 which alone could buy an extra 25 packages.

Or you can donate via pay pal.

If you have had a Chrysalis Bag - previously named Bag of Hope please leave us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

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I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I felt getting a CHRYSALIS CARE PACKAGE.

It was exactly what I needed especially after an over night admission! Thank you!!


After 24 hours of sheer hell, it was wonderful to be able to brush my teeth and get a wash without having to leave the ward and my child. 


These might seem like little packages but they have relieved so much stress in a situation that seemed impossible, thank you so much!