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Tube feeding


We understand how difficult tube feeding is. There's a huge misconception that tube feeding is easy, it certainly isn't. Of course the theory seems easy. Just like most things there's a skill to it.

You have to be practical but who says you can't have fun with it too. So we've put together a mix of businesses and items that make tube feeding a bit more exciting and less medical. Check it out. 


"Our brand champions inclusion and promotes children who have additional needs to be kids in their own right . For them to express their own personalities through colours and designs without having to compromise on choice, comfort, dignity and functionality when it comes to everyday clothing."


"We really wanted to find an alternative to the boring white adhesive tape that was provided, but couldn't find anything that resembled what she had in mind. So, I racked my mind and after lots of trials and tests, I cracked it and for the last three years Frankie has been rocking my custom tubie strips - now known as Tubie Cheeks."


"All of the feeding tube bags and backpacks on our website are specially adapted to support the TubieeGo™ insert and system. 

Our bags are different to other feeding tube bags because they include a lightweight and strong insert to hold your feed securely. The TubieeGo™ insert is not only light, it also creates an ergonomic support for your back by distributing the weight of your feed. This ensures no pressure points develop whilst you are wearing the bag - either on your body or within the feed containers and feeding tubes.

Our method of adaption and unique insert enable us to turn any bag into a feeding tube backpack or bag. This allows us to give individuality and choice back to those that want it, and hopefully make tube feeding that bit easier."


"This picture book is dedicated to young children who are tube fed. Explore the journey of a young girl who tells her story of being tube fed through bright, colourful illustrations and text. Perfect for teachers, parents and children alike, this book will bring awareness of the condition and teach children how to be supportive and be kind. This book includes feeds of the NJ, NG, Peg and Mic-Key button. Our collection of books show how each child can celebrate their abilities within their disability, find acceptance and create awareness to those around them. The character in the book is dedicated to Chanel Murrish. This book is aimed for children aged 3-8 years."


"Tubie Doodles was created in 2017 by a mum to a little girl who needed assistance from an NG tube from when she was born and a NPA for 10 months.
Having older children at home the tube was new and confusing to them and we wanted a way to make it more acceptable and less clinical to them.
After initial samples on our daughter we soon realised that our older childrens friends started interacting with our daughter more and would purposely come over to see what 'picture' she had on her face. They were often slightly disappointed to find that sometimes she had the same one for days!
The children would see past the tube and would love the bright, colourful designs and coment on them rather than her tubes.

April 2020 saw us expand our range further"


"This unique colouring book spreads feeding tube awareness and joy! Each fun coloring page features a character with a feeding tube. Some of the characters you will find are a sloth, llama, princess, dinosaur, puppy, fairy, narwhal, superheroes, and more, There's even "design your own tubie pads" pages!"


Christmas Gifts

Looking for alternative Christmas gifts for a tubie? 

Tubie cheeks and Tubie Kids have some lovely inclusive gifts this year.